Some great pictures of my family:

(Relationship to Gospeler Penn)


        /\ Brady (great nephew) /\                Kylie /\ (great niece)


    /\ Gracie (great niece) /\                Robbie /\ (great nephew)


    /\ Cole (great nephew)    Heather (niece), husband Bill with

                                                Gracie, Cole and Robbie

Kylie, Lily and Brady

Darrel (nephew) holding Kylie, wife Elisa holding Lily, Dustin (nephew), Dave (brother), wife Bobbie behind Brady, Brandi behind Cody with husband David (nephew).

Super soccer star Cody (great nephew)


  Donna (sister)  -  Donna and Dwain were so close as siblings, folks thought they were twins.  You decide if there's still some resemblance.


A more recent photo of

Gracie, Cole (in green) and Robbie.

These are Donna's grandchildren