Create a quaint country wedding at New Hebron Baptist


          It may not be the idyllic storybook wedding with a lovely princess bride and a handsome, gallant groom, but one can experience another aspect of the dream world in the pastoral setting of New Hebron Baptist Church.

          The bride, dressed in a white gown, would be the vision of a child of nature, an innocent country maiden.  The groom, dressed to the nines in modest attire, would portray the gentle confidence of a soul mate and though slightly oafish, would be undeniably a virile young buck.



          The setting is New Hebron Baptist Church, four miles west of Concord in Pike County, Georgia.  The church house stands sentry by a dirt road, and for over a century has been a haven for worship, prayers, weddings and funerals.  Perfumed by the essence of a century’s worth of members and visitors, the church is more than a building, it is a sanctuary anointed by all that is good and gracious in this world.




          Inside are hand-hewn slat wood pews and other furnishings.  The fragrance of the interior has been carefully preserved and described by many as “just like Grandma’s house.”  The church seats comfortably 80 – 100 congregants.

          Imagine guests attending your special day dressed in period costumes:




          The church was used in two television movies “Cold Sassy Tree” (1989, Turner Entertainment) and “Mama Flora’s Family” (1998, Hallmark Entertainment).  A wedding was featured in the 1998 movie.


© 1989 Hallmark Entertainment


          Since February 2007, three weddings and a renewal were held at New Hebron:

          February 17, 2007 – Beth Martin and Josh Head


          June 14, 2008 – Caroline Akins and Matthew Ziebarth (no photo available).

          September 20, 2008 – Sandy Ellis and Randy Harris (photo pending)

          November 15, 2008 – Robert and Marcella Coker 50th wedding renewal.  (Photo pending)

          Outside the church, majestic oaks shade much of the yard providing a natural canopy for receptions.  However, in the event of extreme weather conditions, the large Sunday school room and sanctuary may be used in combination for small receptions.  For larger gatherings, the historic Strickland Store in Concord may be reserved as a venue.  Call Concord city hall at 770-884-5221 for details.

          Create your own dream wedding with wild flower arrangements, ribbons and candles in a setting that will prove to be as unique as any place on God’s green earth.

          Church wedding fee: $100 plus $50 cleaning deposit (refundable).

          Reception held outside: No additional charge.

          Reception held inside: $50 extra.

          There’s no additional charge for the natural music of songbirds, hawks, crickets, frogs, cicadas, or the distant whistle of a train on a summer’s evening.  [All sounds cannot be guaranteed throughout the four seasons of the year.]

          Call 770-567-4113 to reserve the church house.  Make your dreams come true.