New Hebron Baptist Church is honored to host Senior Adult groups and Bus Tours


          Opening one of the front screen doors and stepping inside the church house is like being transported back in time when man’s existence depended on an unquenchable spirit and a strong faith in God.  The rich hymn “Faith of our Fathers” echoes in one’s heart as he or she looks about the rustic sanctuary and realizes the building has experienced a lot of history in a century.  Little has changed in the last 100 years.  Oh, the pot-bellied stove stoked with hardwoods has been replaced by propane gas heaters and a bit of carpeting has been nailed to part of the floor, mainly to cover the stove’s fire pan.  Other than that, visitors can see and hear things the very first members and worshippers experienced back in 1908.


          Finding a special place in one of the many slat wood pews, a visitor’s mind races to visualize others who have occupied that same space in the past.  Did he or she carry a burden for lost loved ones, weeping over the hope of their salvation?  Did that individual have a merry heart and sang the old songs of Zion with vigor and enthusiasm?  Did they witness the joyous occasion of a wedding in the modest sanctuary?  Did they see a flower draped coffin and hear friends and relatives weeping over the passing of a loved one?  Were they caught up in the exciting message of a revivalist sharing God’s plan of redemption and eternal security of salvation by faith?

          The situations are endless.

          Those experiences can be as real today as they were back then.  New Hebron Baptist Church, west of Concord in Pike County, Georgia, is honored to open up its historic sanctuary to host bus tours.  Whether it is a civic or social club, senior church group or other assembly of folks looking for something unique, a visit here will allow time to stand still.

          Your tour, led by Preacher Dwain W. Penn, dressed in period costume, will include a synopsis of the church’s history, description of the two television movies made at the church, a short historical sermon, followed by fellowship with cookies and a choice of a fruitade or ice water dipped from a well bucket.  Call now to schedule a date and time.