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“Trumpeting 100 Years of Faithfulness to God’s Good News!”




Services are at 3 p.m. unless otherwise noted


July 15 - Robert M. Planner of Conyers, GA - accordion

Concert Excerpt of Fascination Waltz



July 21 - Second annual Piney Woods Checkers Tournament - Registration begins at 9 a.m. and play lasts until champion is crowned or play is rolled over to Sunday afternoon, July 22.


August 19 - David Bell, Zebulon, GA - harmonica

Concert Excerpt of "Edelweiss"



September 16 - Concord Chamber Players:

Nellie LaBerge - flute, Sallie Brown - harp, Sonia Squires - violin

Concert Excerpt of "La Paloma"



October 21 - Tyler Griffin, Griffin, GA - violin

Concert Excerpt of "Boil 'em Cabbage Down"



November 18 - Jim Capel, Thomaston, GA - organ  Accompanied by wife, Vickie

Concert Excerpt of "O, How I Love the Savior's Name" with Vickie Capel.



December 16 - No concert - Preacher Dwain Penn read historical  letters to Santa and two classic stories: Roarke Bradford's "How Come Christmas?" and John Henry Faulk's "The Wonderfulest Christmas in the United States."




Services are at 3 p.m. unless otherwise noted


January 20 - Children of Rev. Joey and Julie Smith, Thomaston, GA  - flute, harp, piano, guitar, etc.

Concert Excerpt of "You're My All In All"



February 17 - The Musselwhite Family Bluegrass Band, Peachtree City, GA

Concert Excerpt of "Mama Don't Allow"



March 16 - Wesley Jarrett, Meansville, GA - trumpet and guitar (Accompanied by Beth Holliday on piano)


Concert Excerpt "The Old Rugged Cross"



April 20 - The Franklin Family drum, fife and bugle corps.  Civil War music.  Come dressed in period costume.  Ladies Hat Contest will be held, too.  Nice prizes for best hats.

Concert Excerpt of "Battle Hymn of the Republic"


May 18 - Founders Day Picnic at 2 p.m.  Bring basket lunch and blanket or lawn chairs.  "You're welcome to eat all you want as long as you bring what you eat!"  Costume contest, too with cash prizes.  Lost coin contest with great prize going to the finder of the lost coin.  Singing at picnic and 3 p.m. concert will be provided by The Four Fathers of Concord Baptist Church.

Concert Excerpt of "In that Great Gettin' Up Morning"



June 15 - Wayne A. Cook, pianist.  Exquisite concert of classical and religious music.

Concert Excerpt of "Crown Him With Many Crowns"



July 20 - Louise Bateman, Milner, GA - Sister Bateman sings in the style of Mahalia Jackson.  Outstanding voice and spirit.

Concert Excerpt of "This Old Ship of Zion"



July 26 - Piney Woods Checkers Tournament.  9 a.m. registration and gaming begins at 10 a.m.  See Checkers Tournament.


August 17 - Steve Williford, Thomaston, GA - Brother Williford sings in the style of Hank Williams, Sr.  A very powerful and emotional delivery of songs.

Concert Excerpt of "Let's All Go Down to the River"



August 30 - Singing Convention.  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Bring covered dish for communal lunch.  Drinks will be provided.  See Singing Convention.


August 31 - For the first time in over a quarter of a century, New Hebron will celebrate its history with a homecoming service.  Second, third and fourth generations of charter members are expected to attend.  A special catered dinner will be served in the Concord Baptist annex at 2 p.m. and then activities will move to New Hebron at 3 p.m. with a glorious service featuring bluegrass entertainment by the Musselwhite family from Peachtree City and humorous observations of church history by former pastor Bill Lawrence.  “There’s a Church in the Valley” will be the hymn of invocation.  Reservations by August 25 are required for the dinner.  Call 770-567-4113, email info@thegospeler.org or write NHBC, P. O. Box 101, Concord, Georgia 30206.

Homecoming Excerpt of Bill Lawrence's "Mice in the Piano"




    The Musselwhite Family /\                 /\ Rev. Billy Lawrence



September 21 - Dave Penn of Lilburn, GA.  Storyteller extraordinaire.  Humorous stories of southern culture.

Excerpt of Dave Penn's story of "The Tough Pie Crust"



October 19 - Tommy Farr and Dan Kilgore, Thomaston, GA - guitar and bass fiddle.


Concert Excerpt "A Beautiful Life"

Concert Excerpt "Just a Closer Walk with Thee"

Concert Excerpt "I'll Fly Away"




Dr. Tommy Farr /\ Group                   Dan Kilgor (Bass Fiddle) Group


November 16 - Dickens Carolers, Columbus, GA.  Group of singers in period costumes will regale audience with Victorian England Christmas songs and carols.  If you miss this, you'll miss a blessing.






Photo by Tamra Jarrett www.pikecountygeorgia.com


INDEED!  The Dickens Carolers' performance at New Hebron was no less brilliant and spectacular.  If you live within 100 miles of the church and chose not to attend this concert, then you missed one of the best events of the entire centennial service.  My favorite song they performed had to be The Carol of the Bells.  They did that just before the break to receive an offering.  I was so overcome by the quality of that song, I became emotional when I came forward to speak to the audience.

Excerpt: The Carol of the Bells

This song is one of the few that I would place on repeat play and listen to it over and over again.  Over ten years ago, I purchased Charlotte's Church's CD "Voice of an Angel" and her Pie Jesu was so glorious, I put it on repeat play one night while I slept.  The phrase "Agnus Dei" is so powerfully spiritual, it will melt the coldest, hardest inpenitent.  The Carol of the Bells is up there with Pie Jesu.  Glorious job, Dickens Carolers.  Well done!   D. Penn


December 5 - Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge will return for his eight annual presentation.  Again, this year, there will be a 3 p.m. matinee as well as the usual 7 p.m. lamp-lighted service.  Seasonal refreshments will be served at both shows.  Visitors are asked to bring one nonperishable food item that will be sent to the Pike County Outreach Center in Molena.  A love offering will also be received and sent to the local Secret Santa organization through DFACS.

Audio Excerpt of Scrooge from June 14, 2008 program.


December 21.  Mr. Gary Snyder of Zebulon will provide a brief concert of guitar music.  Door prizes for the centennial celebration will be awarded.  [Attending a previous concert and signing the church register is required to qualify to win prizes.] Winners do not have to be present to win.

Excerpt of "Silent Night" bluegrass style.




Donna Howell and Gary Snyder (above left)

Gary Snyder play Silent Night on the Kurtzweil (above right)


Following are the winners of the door prizes:


Martha Johnson - Framed original painting of NHBC by Joyce Perdue Smith.


Frank Martin - Signed book "More Gris" by Macon Telegraph columnist Ed Grisamore.  (Contains a 1999 article about NHBC)


Bethany Smith - The Musselwhite Family CD of bluegrass music.


Josiah Smith - Church photo jigsaw puzzle and vintage tin box.


Ryan Simmons - Birdhouse shaped like a country church.


Molly Musselwhite - Sudoku puzzle game and book.


Dave and Barbara Penn - $30 Gift certificate from Concord Cafe.


Tamra Jarrett - Framed collection of four seasonal scenes of the church created by Joyce Perdue Smith.


David Bell - Eight note cards and envelopes.


Steve Williford - Sixteen note cards and envelopes.


Jim Cadbury - Vintage 1926 hymnal that was used in the "Cold Sassy Tree" movie.


A CD of Excerpts from all Eighteen Centenary Concerts/Events (created after the final concert) was withdrawn as a prize due to the fact that CDs of all concerts were made available free to all visitors.  A comprehensive CD of all songs found in this schedule is available free upon request.  It will be packaged in a DVD movie box with a jacket noting all selections and artists on the CD.


Winners will be contacted in January and arrangements made to send any prizes won by folks living out of town.