Back in 1962, Dwain W. Penn was given an assignment by his second grade teacher to write a letter to Santa Claus.  The local newspaper chose a Santa letter from each of its editions and awarded a prize to the writer.  Dwain's letter won a prize which sparked an intense passion for writing.  For years, he believed his letter was selected for its quality.

    Forty-five years later, Penn learned the truth while researching his letter for a special radio spot for the local historical archives.  Letters were selected randomly from a select group appearing in each paper.  The harsh reality, though humbling, did little to diminish the wake of literary works that resulted from the child's imagination sparked by a simple prize - a short-sleeved sport shirt.

    Dwain plunged head-long into each assignment during his academic career and years after graduating from college in 1978, continued to put pen to paper, or most recently, nimble fingers to computer keyboard to create exquisite works of prose using an endless palette of words transferred to a fertile canvas of imagination.  One of his greatest opus is still ongoing - 32 years of quarterly letters, written initially to his paternal aunt and uncle and then transforming to ministry newsletters.  Ten years after the initial ministry newsletter was published, Penn started creating a newsletter for New Hebron Baptist.  Now each quarter, Penn wallows lavishly in the joy of composing two letters which are mailed to over 100 addresses.

    Early in his writing career (or hobby), Penn sent stories to various magazines and publishers hoping to catch their attention with his creative talent.  Too many letters of rejections were received and in some cases his efforts were not acknowledged at all.  Viewing this road to publishing success to be a lottery at best, Penn decided to begin publishing his own books in 1998.  In less than ten years, Penn has been able to publish (create and hand-bind) over 650 total copies of 25 individual books.  Seventeen of those books are his own.  The other eight are editions that he has published for friends and relatives.

    The last major project that Penn completed was the republishing of The Pursuit of Happiness by William P. King for Dr. William R. King, Jr., of Griffin.

    Penn is willing to publish any book (no porn, please) for anyone.  Orders from just one book to one thousand will be honored.  A publishing fee of $10 is levied for each job, whether one book or one hundred books are ordered.  For orders above 100 books, a fee of 10 (ten cents) per book above cost is charged.  To assist either fledgling writers or seasoned professionals from incurring any cost for publishing, additional copies of the books will be shipped with orders to allow their sale to produce sufficient income to pay for the books.  Therefore, there is no out-of-pocket expense for using Penn Publishing Press.  Indeed he is "dedicated to making publishing exciting and affordable."

    Sample prices for 100 books:  60 page book* - $110; 100 page book - $160; 150 page book - $235; 200 page book - $285; 250 page book - $360.

    * - Books less than 60 pages cannot be bound with a legible spine.