Man's Crown of Glory

                Taken from Jesus' temptation in the wilderness, the message reveals that everything around us has a glory.  Man's own glory crown is very important and must be used like daily prayer.  Vivid object lessons convince all of glory's roll in our life.  Length of program: 30 minutes.


The Nine Crosses of Christ

                A thought-provoking overview of the many crosses from various countries and cultures and how they all represent the sacred icon of Christ's ultimate expression of sacrifice.  Explanations are given as to why some crosses evolved over the years to avoid persecution.  Length of program: 30 minutes.


Our Dependence on Independence

                This title is an oxymoron, or a contradiction of terms.  A throne room message commissioned by the Holy Ghost in July, 2001,  it focuses on the rarely mentioned life of King Asa and the decisions he made that drastically changed his life for both the good and the bad.  Several personal testimonies by Penn are also included.  Length of program: 40 minutes.


The Passover Seder

                A demonstration of the annual celebration of the Jewish Festival of Freedom.  Jews worldwide observe Passover every year, yet they fail to see hidden within the ceremony the truth about the Messiah, who was sent as "the Passover lamb of God" to take away the sin of the world.  Jesus is gloriously manifested in every aspect and element of this holy and sacred festival and the demonstration is guaranteed to astound and bless every Christian that sees it.  Length of program: Demonstration only - 45 minutes. Demonstration and fellowship meal - 90 minutes to 2 hours.


                This concludes the section of Anointed Sermons.  However since the premiere of the last Bible drama King David in April, 1995, God has continued to inspire Penn to develop secular men of history and fictional characters who share strong links to the Gospel.