Proclamation of the City

Bible Reading Marathon Week

September 7 – 13, 2015


            Whereas, the 21st century has been proclaimed International Century of  Bible Reading by millions around the world who recognize the Bible as the inspired Word of God to mankind which is profitable for instruction in righteousness [II Timothy 3:16]; and

            Whereas, all scripture is essential to prepare us to be the people God wants us to be and to accomplish the purpose for which he created us; and

            Whereas, America, being founded upon biblical principles and Judeo-Christian ethics as taught in the Bible, paid tribute to the Bible for its important influence upon the development of our Nation by many of our great national leaders such as Presidents Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, and Wilson; and

            Whereas, President Andrew Jackson called the Bible “the Book on which this Republic rests” and President Abraham Lincoln called the Bible “the best gift God has given to man”; and

            Whereas, the Bible is recognized as the one true revelation from God, showing the way of Salvation, Truth, and Life, and enriching the daily lives of millions of men and women who through the ages have looked to it for comfort, hope, and guidance; and

            Whereas, the decline in the moral fabric of our country can be directly traced to the time when the reading of the Bible was removed from our schools; and

            Whereas, lawmakers, law enforcement, social scientists, civic and church leaders are searching for solutions to the critical problems facing our nation, such as the drug crisis, violence, and social injustice, all of which can be found within God’s revealed will for mankind; and

            Whereas, regular Bible reading renews the mind of men, thus transforming the life of the individual which ultimately affects the lives of those in the family, the local community, the state, and the Nation;

            Now therefore, we joyfully encourage everyone in our community to read through the Bible on a daily basis in 2016 and to continue until the Lord comes.

            We see the International Century of Bible Reading as a major opportunity to create an awareness of the message of Truth and Hope with our communities and neighbors.

                                      Signed and Sealed this ______ day of _______, ______


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