A planned addendum to the Breaking A Leg for God book

    For years, Dwain Penn included a brief Word Study in his quarterly newsletters for the benefit and edification of his readers.  When time came in 2003 to compile the Breaking a Leg for God book, Penn realized that the sheer volume of letters and studies would make the final book too thick to publish in paperback form.  Therefore it was intentionally decided to wait and publish the studies separately.

    Like the What About the Bible, the Word Studies book is indexed by proper nouns and Bible references, making it the perfect tool for Bible students and casual Bible readers.

                            86 pages                                $ 5


    This month*, our study will begin the first of a three part message.  The greatest impact of these messages will be to realize that our warfare as Christians is over and we are about to enter into the “rest” that God has ordained for us to possess through Jesus.  Several newsletters ago, I shared that we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.  The insight there that we were to receive was that we have been exalted above the duty as a front-line soldier.  However, if you still choose to fight, by all means FIGHT!  Just remember that it is impossible to fight a defeated foe.  Satan is defeated!

    In II Corinthians 4, the Apostle Paul encourages us to never give up.  He is not speaking of warfare, but about our stand of faith.  The key verse here is the very last one: “While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen…”  Our stand of faith will succeed or fail depending on what we “know” within versus what we see or hear by our carnal senses.  Outward signs are only temporary, subject to change, but the inward assurance is for ever and ever.

    * Although most of Penn's newsletters were quarterly, he did publish ten monthly letters beginning January 1990.