Two years of Bible seminary turns into book

    On the first Sunday of October 1987, Dwain Penn decided to visit Prayer Mountain Church in Pike County.  It was a clear mandate from God given that very morning.

    When Penn entered the impressive cavernous sanctuary, the Spirit of God confirmed that he was to become part of the fellowship.  The first message he heard Rev. Donald Mercer share that morning was the same thing that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him in the last six months.  This went on week after week, as Mercer's message were confirmations of what Penn had received previously during daily Bible readings and studies, prayer and meditation.

    A prophet of God, Rev. Robert Brogdon, from Alabama, began visiting Prayer Mountain and God impressed upon him to seek permission from Rev. Mercer to start a branch of El Shaddai Theological Seminary in the U.S.  Brogdon had attended Kenneth Hagin University in Oklahoma and God revealed to him that he should take the courses offered at that school and trim the fat off of them in order to train and place into the mission field men and women of God who could make an impact on Christianity.

    Robert Brogdon had started a successful seminary in Belmopan, Belize, a coastal country in Central America, so all of the material for courses were ready for use at Prayer Mountain.  Mercer encouraged his church members to register for seminary courses, but Penn felt that his work for the City of Macon may hinder his whole-hearted effort with educational studies.

    December 1990, Penn quit his job in Macon and within a year, was enrolled at El Shaddai.  However, he did not graduate as finances were not available for a required mission trip to Belize.  Participating in 20 months of intensive Bible training, Penn retains his course assignments and theses, intending to use them in some sort of ministry.  As the ability to publish books fell into Penn's hand, he felt it would be only prudent to compile his seminary notes into yet another book.

    What About the Bible? was the results.  People have misunderstood the title thinking that it is a reproach to the Bible's position and importance in today's society.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The book has two indices: Proper names and Bible references for ease of use for Bible students and everyday Christians.

152 pages (indexed)                                   $9.95


    In closing, there is an area of knowledge that is above what man can gain with the five physical senses.  There is an area of life which is above what man is able to gain with the physical body.  God has said in His Word that if man is willing to lay that life down, He would cause him to gain a higher life.  This life would not only operate in the earthly realm, but in the eternal spiritual realm.  God's Spirit has been sent to lead and guide man in an area of knowledge that is an area of revelation knowledge that is exact and unhindered by the five physical senses.  If man will put God's Word first, he will receive this knowledge and in any situation, this wisdom is available to exhort and exalt man above the operation of the devil, strife and areas where the carnal man fails.  This wisdom will tap into the world of the Spirit and he will be able to rise above problems.  Man's confessions will begin to operate and touch the heart of the author of the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and He will reinforce your words, prayers and efforts and man will be able to bear fruit in the earth and give glory to Almighty God.