The Fight is a work of fiction based loosely on true life.

    After meeting a certain young lady on May 1, 1985, Dwain W. Penn asked her to marry him.  She never gave him the answer of 'no.'  After several proposals, the young lady felt uncomfortable and pressured into making a definite decision.  As a last resort, Penn wrote this novella in an attempt to woo her back and win her as his wife.  The novella is unique in that it has two distinct endings - a very sad one and a very, very happy one!  Penn did that in order to show the young lady the potential consequences of her decision.

    After The Fight was published in 1998, Penn sent a copy to his friend and she responded with a threat of a law suit.  Since the book contains no derogatory remarks about her or her family, there is little grounds for a suit.  Names have been changed to protect the guilty!

                90 pages                                                $ 7.95

"A Great Book!" Barbara E., Thomaston, GA



    "I simply wasn’t ready."  Kem’s eyes conveyed the message truthfully for there was a time when she was not ready for marriage, yet once the message was conveyed, her entire countenance changed. Her eyes showed an empty stare which reflected a life without purpose, a house without a family to make it a home.  All her life she lived in a home, but suddenly she found herself a prisoner in a house, a cold empty house and the values and warmth of a home were missing and she longed for that day that she could create a home.  Her body was screaming for fellowship, for comfort, for love, wonderful emotional love that made her feel like a woman by granting her the security that she was needed and cared for.  Oh, to have a man fawn over her, catering to her every wish!  She strained her ears to hear Dan’s reply.

    ‘Now! Ask her now!' thought Dan.  ‘She said she wasn’t ready then. Ask her if she is ready now!  Now!  Don’t wait!  She has led you to this point as a horse to water.  All you have to do is drink!  The fountain of her beauty awaits you!’  Dan opened his mouth to speak but no words came out.  His emotions were more than he could deal with.  He wanted to toss the table from between them and pull her into his arms, never to let her go.  His love for her had grown to be a raging river and he wanted both of them to be swept away in the flood.  Her green eyes pierced his heart as they had done many times before.  The engagement ring burned within his breast pocket, next to his heart, and cried out to his conscience, ‘Take me out!  Let her see me!  She’ll say yes this time!’  Dan bowed his head and began to spread the butter on the cold muffin.  The moment that he had waited for all his adult life had come and gone and he missed it.