Organization of Ministry Newsletters

    After celebrating fifteen years as a successful gospeler and seeing over a dozen years of seasonal newsletters, Penn felt it would be prudent to chronicle that collection into a book.

    Well over eighty percent of the letters were composed the old fashion way on manual, then electric typewriters only to progress briefly to an archaic word processor with its own unique computer language before a modest computer and printer were donated by a nephew to the ministry.  Because of this, the work to compile the letters for publishing was monumental.

    Penn inexperience with computers also contributed to a major glitch requiring almost half of the work to be redone and became the amusing subject of life's bitter lessons in one of the last letters in the book.  Penn started the project saving the files on one floppy disc, failing to back-up his work on a daily or at least weekly basis.  After passing 200 pages of work input, he hit a bad sector on the disc resulting in the loss (or inability to retrieve) half of his effort.  He had to redo the missing files in reverse order, backing up to the start of the book.

    Providing an excerpt would be a moot point with over five years of recent letters available on this website (see Newsletters).  However, for those purist who wish to see Penn's writing skills during the early years of his ministry, an excerpt is cheerfully provided.

289 pages                                    $13.95


AUTUMN 1995:

            1995 has been filled with many wonderful surprises and blessings!  In May, I was invited to share Paul with the saints at Deliverance Center Holiness Church in Griffin, Georgia.  It was the first time ever that I was unable to finish the drama because the Spirit moved through the congregation.  Later, I learned that this church was in the process of building a new sanctuary.  I was able to help them by drawing the floor plan for the new building.  They, in turn, blessed me with a love offering in excess of $70 for the drawing.  Praise God!

            In June, during the week that we usually have our annual campmeeting on Prayer Mountain, I went to visit another campmeeting just a mile up the highway.  I was acquainted with the director of the campmeeting, Rev. Bill Smith from south Georgia.  I casually reminded him of my ministry.  The next night, Rev. Gary Berrier of Macon Evangelistic Church was in attendance with a group from Macon.  Not knowing that Bill and I knew each other, Gary introduced me in order to make reference to my ministry.  As it turned out, Brother Smith allowed me to share Abraham at the campmeeting on Thursday night.