Church fundraiser leads to publishing puzzle book

    Ever since he was a child, Penn enjoyed puzzles of all types.  Back during the 1990s he came across a public radio program segment starring Will Shortz, the NY Times crossword puzzle editor.  The segment contained special word puzzles each Sunday morning.  Penn started recording the segments and transcribing the tapes amassing over 300 puzzles in six years.

    When New Hebron Baptist planned a fundraiser for the eighteen months of special concerts to celebrate its centennial, Penn held a special service in March 2006 speaking on the parable of the three servants and the talents given them by their master.  At the end of the sermon, Penn gave everyone in attendance $10 and instructed them to take the money and, using one's talent, bring back the original seed money plus any that was earned during a six months period.

    Penn's talent was publishing books, so he decided to compile 64 of Shortz's best puzzles into a paperback book.  Prior to publishing, Penn wrote Shortz seeking permission to use the puzzles in the book but never received a reply.  In researching Shortz's puzzles on the internet, he found them freely available in many places, therefore he thought that perhaps there would not be a problem with publication as long as proper credit is given as to their source.  Penn was careful to highlight the originator of the puzzles on the front of the book.

    What makes Penn's book so unique from other puzzle books is the answer section.  Most books list answers on consecutive pages together in the back.  A person with exceptional peripheral vision can spoil the answers for subsequent puzzles when they reference answers to a particular puzzle.  Penn's list of answers on any one page in the book is separated by a minimum of four pages.

                80 pages                                      $5 (all proceeds to NHBC)


Crossword Rhyme Time

             These crossword puzzle clues rhyme with their answers.

            Example: Huckleberry Finn craft.

Answer: Raft.

 1) A funeral fire.  _______.

2) A comic strip shriek.  _______.

3) Theyíre at the bottom of kegs.  _______.

4) Sound of a falling drop.  _______.

5) Tool for lumberjacks.  _______.

6) File holder.  _______.

7) Holy cow!  _______.

8) Salon supplies.  _______.

9) Play roulette.  _______.

10) Things a singer croons.  _______.

11) Enrapture.  _______.

12) One doing cash register work.  _______.

13) Hunk.  _______.

14) Place to play a sport.  _______.

15) Achieve new highs.  _______.

16) Gamblerís vice.  _______.

17) Itís kept by the police.  _______.

18) They were served on Cheers.  _______.

 Flip book over and find answers on page 4.