The Saga continues...

    After researching Santa Letters published in the Thomaston Times and Pike County Journal-Reporter, Dwain Penn has continued this madness by researching letters published in the Barnesville Herald-Gazette.  This newest volume contains endearing letters from 1907 through 2000 from over 100 children.  The rich history of the century is reflected in the letters, such as a 1944 note asking Santa to remember the children in war-torn countries.

    As with the other two books, this 2009 edition for Lamar County contains a comprehensive letters list of over 4,500 names of children and precise information as to how to find them quickly on microfilm.  With this index, one does not have to look through several years of seasonal editions to find a letter composed by an ancestor or friend.

    This book is a delight to anyone who loves Santa Claus and Christmas

    Plans are already underway to research for a Meriwether County edition. 

    The Lamar book is a child-size paperback measuring 7" X 8.5".

                    100 pages                                    $10


Thursday, December 12, 1907 – Page 2


My Dear Santa Claus:

          How are you getting on?  I hope you and your reindeer are well.  I hope you will not fall down the chimney.  I want a doll if you please.  I want a teaset and some apples and some candy and some nuts.  Age eight years, third grade.

                             Your loving.

                             Georgia Milner


Thursday, December 12, 1907 – Page 4


Dear Santa Claus:

          Last Christmas I could not write a letter, but I can now and I know you will be glad to hear from me.  Mama says I am a sweet boy and mind her good.  I will tell you what I want you to bring me.  I want you to bring me a big tent, a football, a football suit, a fire cap and lots of fire works, and be sure to bring a big fire cracker.  You will find a nice fruit cake on the sideboard on mama’s new cake plate that she has just finished painting.  Please be careful and don’t break the plate as mama might be mad.  I will close.  Don’t be afraid of big dog.

                             With love,

                             Cicero Burns


Thursday, December 24, 1908 – Page 3


Dear Old Santa, care News-Gazette, Barnesville, Ga.,

          I thought I would write you a card to let you know what I want

for Christmas.  Please bring me a doll and a bed.  Please bring me some apples.

                             Minnie Bell Saffold