The Wit and Wisdom of Rosalee


            Rosalee King is a life-long resident of Lifsey Springs, Georgia.  Where is Lifsey Springs?  It is located near the geographic center of the southern part of Pike County in central Georgia.  Rosalee has been described as the Mother Theresa of Pike County, a true benevolent soul who spends her time blessing others.

            Back in 1980, Rosalee started writing a news article for the Pike County Journal-Reporter, the only newspaper for Pike County.  In September 2009, Rosalee celebrated her 29th year as a journalist.  This December, she will mark her 93rd birthday.  She truly has been blessed by God.

            Much of Rosalee’s writings contain observations of life, both copied and original, that can only be described as ‘wit and wisdom.’  Many of her readers are truly captivated by her entertaining style of writing.  Perhaps thousands of scrapbooks throughout Pike County and beyond contain yellowing clippings of Rosalee’s articles.  It is a testimony of her popularity and the public’s love and appreciation for her.

            Dwain W. Penn recently was hired by the newspaper to provide historical flashbacks of news from Pike County.  As this job progressed, he realized that the wealth of Rosalee’s writings was locked up in a dozen microfilm reels in the local library.  He decided, with Rosalee King’s permission, to begin researching over 1,400 articles and compile the best from many of them.  The result is this delightful book.  It contains over 330 excerpts and 2 complete King articles.


92 pages / Large Print Edition                                                 $10.00




“A great job! – words can’t express my appreciation for it.”

                                    Geraldine K. Haymans, Rosalee’s daughter


“My wife couldn’t put the book down long enough for me to get it autographed.”

                                    Rev. Bill Lawrence, Jones Chapel, Woodbury, Georgia


“The book….on Rosalee is delightful.  Thanks!”

                                    Laura Geiger, Co-publisher of the Pike County Journal-Reporter





“A hug is a perfect gift.  One size fits all and nobody minds if you give it back.”

March 15, 2000 – page 9


As I started to write on Wednesday morning the sun was beautiful but a little cool.

April 5, 2000 – page 5


“Love seeks not limits but outlets.”

June 14, 2000 – page 8


“If the president continues to appoint lady ambassadors this country will always have the last word.”

July 5, 2000 – page 9


“The clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop at late or early hour.”

July 26, 2000 – page 8


“Marriage is like any other job.  It’s much easier if you like the boss.”

October 4, 2000 – page 9


A lady told a gentleman she just met he reminded her of her third husband.  “How many times have you been married?” he asked.  “Twice,” was her reply.

October 11, 2000 – page 6


Abraham Lincoln: “I don’t like a cut and dried sermon.  When I hear a man preach I like to see him act as if he was fighting bees.”

October 25, 2000 – page 2B


“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

November 22, 2000 – page 12


Life holds so much for us to adore.  For one full day may we feel serenity of spiritual strength, a joy of a quiet place, even if it means climbing to the highest hill.

December 13, 2000 – page 1B