Passion for Sudoku Puzzles brings fourth volume

    About nine years ago Dwain was introduced to the Sudoku phenomenon sweeping the nation.  As a puzzle addict going back to his youth when he would turn over jigsaw puzzles and solve them after tracing a single line through all the pieces, Penn became an instant fan.  He collected puzzles from newspapers and magazines and worked them repeatedly after storing them on special grids he designed with Microsoft Word.

    Early in 2008, Penn found an Alpha Sudoku puzzle in an AARP magazine while visiting his paternal aunt in Yatesville, Georgia.  The premise added a unique twist to Sudoku puzzle solving and he, once again was instantly hooked.  As he continued to work the number puzzles, his heart was set on creating a collection of Sudokus using words.  He began compiling a list of nine-letter words with non-repeating letters.  After reaching 100 words and beyond, he decided the time had arrived to publish.

    Embarking into six weeks of intense and dedicated work, the results were remarkable: A beautiful, comb bound edition with a color-coded solution section.  Penn decided a comb binding would allow ease of photocopying puzzles to preserve the integrity of the book.

    Wrestling (hey, there's another word for the next edition!) with the possibility of copyright infringement, Penn worked on Latin titles such as Nonalits and NonaScripts, which basically meant nine letters, but he felt the title may be confusing.  He then, days before designing the cover, decided to use a pun.  The word "Letters" is a homonym to "Let us."  Therefore the title reads "Letters [Let Us] Solve These 101 Deviously Difficult Puzzles."  The 101st puzzle is published on the cover with no solution found inside.

    Penn's brother called him after receiving a few sample puzzles by fax and was excited about the potential of the book.  He thought it could be successfully published and placed in airport terminals as literature for air passengers.  Penn only hoped the book will be successful in a local market.

                    70 pages                                    $7